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Big Fashion Nazareth BIG FASHION Nazareth is a new "Lifestyle Center" (a new concept for Israel brought by Big Shopping Centers Group), and is first of its kind in Israel. It is characterized by a mixture of stores emphasizing fashion, cosmetics, jewelry and coffee shops. The center is designed with open avenues and elements adapted to the local environment and...

Where to go

Sisters of Nazareth  A church and an archeological site.  The “Nazareth Nuns” Convent is an impressive, beautiful building located not far from the...
The New Maronite Church       Free Entrance Open Hours: by appointment tel: 04-6552456Mass Hours: Saturday at 5pm or 6pm, Sunday at 10am....

Where to sleep

Golden Crown Hotel old city is a newcomer to the network of Golden Crown Hotel in Israel. Located inside the old city of Nazareth, near the holy spring. 100 new hotel rooms are modern innovation Most confirmation LCD TV began Through lit work desk and ergonomic, Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas, coffee sets and combined with a...

What to eat

Kakao Bistro Cafe was founded in 2004.All branches opened in key locations, and adapted to the needs of the local clientele.That's why each of the branches operate during the evening and night...

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