• Founders and Coders Nazareth — Life as an International Student
  • كل عام وانتم بخير بمناسبه راس السنه الهجريه September 21 is Hijri New Year holiday
  • The launch of Nazareth’s first coding bootcamp
  • SMART UP مبادر ? بتفكر بتاسيس شركه?
  • שנה טובה ומבורכת לכולם מנצרת שנה מתוקה מלאה באהבה והצלחה
  • بدء التسجيل لدورة متخصصة بالترميم في البلدة القديمة بالناصرة
  • Nazareth: A Whirlwind of Delicious Foods and Warm Hospitality


Things To Do

The House of Culture and Art The House of Culture and Art is located in Al-Mutran Square, at the entrance to the old market of Nazareth. The House of Culture and Art is housed in a historical nineteenth century building owned by the late attorney Tawfiq Muammar, who granted the building to the Orthodox Community Council in Nazareth in order to serve the people of the city as...

Where to go

Quasr al-Mutran Greek Orthodox Church  The remains of this building are on a mountain top on the Southern-Eastern part of Nazareth. It was built in 1862 by a Russian...
The spring and its water are considered holy by both Muslims and Christians, and earlier generations attributed unusual healing properties to it. In the seventeenth century,...

Where to sleep

The Legacy Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Nazareth, 2minutes walking distance from the old city and the Annunciationchurch. The hotel offers an amazing view of the church onone side and overlooks the Valley of Mount Precipice on the other side. • 100 deluxe modern guestrooms including 5 suites,and accessible rooms...

What to eat

Cazanova restaurant is committed to serving fresh, healthy, and delicious traditional meals. the highlight of the restaurant meals are shish kebab , falafel shawarma, fish, hummus and special...
Before the establishment of the israeli state Sami Hassan worked with the best chefs and bakers who came to Haifa from Germany and Hungary, where he learned the secrets of baking and bakery. in 1963...

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