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Things To Do

Walk through the Market Duration: about an hour  This walk goes through Nazareth's famous market and is suitable in case you have a very short time and wish to enjoy the Old City's atmosphere and walk through the varied market stores.  The Old Market of Nazareth is one of the most fascinating markets in Israel. As part of the Y 2,000...

Where to go

Dewan al-Saraya - Abu AshrafThe owner (abu Ashraf) is famous with his desert "katayef" - sweet pancakes folded with nuts and cinnamon or goat cheese then fried and...
The Ancient Bath House ( Cactus ) An archeological site, a 2,000 years old Bath House. Payment includes a guided tour and light refreshments.    In 1993, when...

Where to sleep

Golden Crown Hotel old city is a newcomer to the network of Golden Crown Hotel in Israel. Located inside the old city of Nazareth, near the holy spring. 100 new hotel rooms are modern innovation Most confirmation LCD TV began Through lit work desk and ergonomic, Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas, coffee sets and combined with a...

What to eat

Before the establishment of the israeli state Sami Hassan worked with the best chefs and bakers who came to Haifa from Germany and Hungary, where he learned the secrets of baking and bakery. in 1963...

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