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Things To Do

The Palestine Coral Festival By working together, choirs in Palestine can create and drive a stronger network of singing groups across the country. Running all the way through the Palestine Choral Festival the joint choral concerts bring together two or more choirs to explore and celebrate the differences and overlaps in their repertoire.

Where to go

One of the largest and most beautiful churches in Nazareth located on the highest hill on the west of the city and visible from afar, this church is a great beginning point for...
St. Margret’s Hospice oppening hours : sunday - monday tel: 04-6573507 The Inn offers Bed and Breakfast Established in 1874 by the missionary Hobbs...

Where to sleep

Nazareth Guesthouse is located in the heart of the Old City of Nazareth, next to the most ancient churches, overlooking the Mensa Christi Church and the Maronite Annunciation Church. just few minutes’ walk from Nazareth's major attractions, including Basilica 

What to eat

Tishreen Named after the month it was opened in 2004 ( tishreen is Arabic for October) this sophisticated restaurant has an autumnal atmosphere with its straw-encrusted walls lined with antiques and...
Canary restaurant located in the center of Nazareth serves its diners an excellent Middle Eastern kitchen that focuses on qualitative meals, fresh seasoned salads and chosen dishes that are...

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