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Things To Do

Dewan al-Saraya - Abu Ashraf Dewan al-Saraya - Abu AshrafThe owner (abu Ashraf) is famous with his desert "katayef" - sweet pancakes folded with nuts and cinnamon or goat cheese then fried and doused with geranium syrup.The restaurant itself is like a museum! History all around you!for big groups please make sure to call him first

Where to go

Mensa Christi Church opening hours : by appointment tel: 04-6011072 mail: board@nazarethboard/org Free Entrance The key should be asked from a family living near...
The spring and its water are considered holy by both Muslims and Christians, and earlier generations attributed unusual healing properties to it. In the seventeenth century,...

Where to sleep

Al Hakim Guest House is located in the heart of the old city of Nazareth, 5 minutes walk for most attractions.The property is owned and managed by Al Hakim family since 1930s, where at first it used to be a carpenter shop specialized in bedroom making, and in 2015 we have converted it to a guest house, while preserving the ancient structure, the...

What to eat

At Chickers Nazareth you can enjoy a selection of fast food, baguettes your choice with meat, chicken, Cheez. salads of all kinds, and drinks and freshness above all one of the most delicious place...
The place started as a small cafe coffee, tea and alcohol. A few years later added a bit of barbecue dishes. In the sixties, its became an Orientel Arabic Food. . You can find a variety of dishes...

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