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Things To Do

Nazareth halva factory His Parents of Ali Nasser, the manager of the factory, were producing candy and his uncle knew the secret recipe of producing Halva.Based on the experience that his family gained during years of producing sweets and candies, Ali Amin Nasser founded the first Halva and tehina factory in Nazareth and today he is the owner of the most modern and...

Where to go

The St. Joseph church is built where, according to tradition, used to be the carpentry workshop of Joseph, father of Jesus. Some of the traditions also claim this was Joseph's...
Experience the Nazareth Jesus Knew Nazareth Village is a living history farm and village that gives visitors the opportunity to step into the Bible and experience everyday...

Where to sleep

authentic house since 19 century bulit in the center of the old city of nazareth.it located between the arthodox church (4 min) and the annunciation church.the house include nice garden,spa room &jakozi , acupuncture clinic .

What to eat

If you are looking for something small to eat u can go to "Al taboon bakery" the oldest bakery in Ein Mahel village opened abranch in nazareth and it is managed by Habiballah Family . the bakery...
Tishreen Named after the month it was opened in 2004 ( tishreen is Arabic for October) this sophisticated restaurant has an autumnal atmosphere with its straw-encrusted walls lined with antiques and...

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