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Things To Do

Big Fashion Nazareth BIG FASHION Nazareth is a new "Lifestyle Center" (a new concept for Israel brought by Big Shopping Centers Group), and is first of its kind in Israel. It is characterized by a mixture of stores emphasizing fashion, cosmetics, jewelry and coffee shops. The center is designed with open avenues and elements adapted to the local environment and...

Where to go

The Galilee Mill (El Babour)   Spices shop and a 100 years old Mill.Free entrance.      The Galilee Mill, or "el-Babour", located...
The Franciscan Convent in Nazareth was well known in the past as one of the biggest, most spacious convent in Palestina-Israel and Syria, and was the biggest most impressive...

Where to sleep

Offering a terrace and views of the city, Daher Guest House Nazareth is located on the heart of Nazareth Old City; Guests will enjoy a historical accommodation since the guesthouse is named over the owner’s great grandfather: Daher El – Omar, who reigned Palestine in the late 1700s  and based on his life story! The guests can also...

What to eat

Huwaidi sweets of the oldest place of sweets in Nazareth and the north was established in 1956 and specializes in the manufacture of oriental sweets, such as baklava and Albormh and Kunafa and...
since 1977 We serve authentic oriental food hummus, Paul, shawarma, skewered, falafel, fresh salad, steaks and more ...  Special price for groups  Welcome  Prices...

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