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Things To Do

Nazareth Village Experience the Nazareth Jesus Knew Nazareth Village is a living history farm and village that gives visitors the opportunity to step into the Bible and experience everyday life at the time of Jesus and Mary. Nazareth Village is a place where you can:Hear Jesus’ parables with new understanding as you follow the shepherd’s path...

Where to go

Quasr al-Mutran Greek Orthodox Church  The remains of this building are on a mountain top on the Southern-Eastern part of Nazareth. It was built in 1862 by a Russian...
The Franciscan Convent in Nazareth was well known in the past as one of the biggest, most spacious convent in Palestina-Israel and Syria, and was the biggest most impressive...

Where to sleep

Placed in the center of the tourism places in Nazareth ,Mary’s Well ‘Annunciation Basilica, the old Synagoguelocated 200 meters from the house. Accomidations: Parking, Television , Beverage, Breakfast Number of Units: 7

What to eat

since 1977 We serve authentic oriental food hummus, Paul, shawarma, skewered, falafel, fresh salad, steaks and more ...  Special price for groups  Welcome  Prices...
Canary restaurant located in the center of Nazareth serves its diners an excellent Middle Eastern kitchen that focuses on qualitative meals, fresh seasoned salads and chosen dishes that are...

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