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Things To Do

Dewan al-Saraya - Abu Ashraf Dewan al- -The owner () is famous with his desert "katayef" - sweet pancakes folded with nuts and cinnamon or goat cheese then fried and doused with geranium syrup.The restaurant itself is like a museum! History all around you!for big groups please make sure to call him first

Where to go

Yaser Musa Amne is the best clothing stores for local design in Nazareth are filled with goods. You'll find racks and racks of world wild goods, with everything from...
The Ancient Bath House ( Cactus ) An archeological site, a 2,000 years old Bath House. Payment includes a guided tour and light refreshments.    In 1993, when...

Where to sleep

The Grand New Hotel construction works began in 1959 on a hill overlooking Nazareth, Mount Tabor and Jazreel Valley.  When the hotel was officially opened in June 1961, it consisted of 54 rooms and was the first hotel in Nazareth that was planned with modern solutions that could offer a comfortable accommodation to the Christians who...

What to eat

Kitaabon restaurant lies in the heart of the old city of Nazareth Authentic Arab restaurant serves Nazarene dishes, prepared meticulously with and updated and fresh twist, meat recipes and...
The place started as a small cafe coffee, tea and alcohol. A few years later added a bit of barbecue dishes. In the sixties, its became an Orientel Arabic Food. . You can find a variety of dishes...

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