Al-mutran Guest House

Al-Mutran House is a 155 year-old Arab mansion turned into a guest house which offers a selection of private rooms in a unique atmosphere of the old times.

The Guest House was previously the home of the Kattouf family. Famous for their wealth obtained through their craftsmanship, the Kattouf family's blessed resources enabled them to build a beautiful mansion, with architectural elegance, stunning tiled floors, and balconies overlooking the city.

Nowadays, the guest house has been remodeled and equipped with the necessary facilities like running water and heating, in addition to exquisite antique furnishing.

The guest house was named after the Greek Orthodox Archbishop's mansion which was historically used by the bishop, a word which means “Mutran” in Arabic.
Located at the heart of the Old Souq (market), Al-Mutran is just a few minutes away from the vegetable market, the best restaurants and coffee shops, as well as from the breathtaking Basilica of the Annunciation.


It is also located in the center of the northern region of Israel known as the Galilee, and is an ideal place from which to make day trips to cities like Safed, Tiberias, and Akko. At Al-Mutran, you are never far from your destination. Al-Mutran is ideal for small groups, families and couples looking to stay for a couple of nights in this historic and cosmopolitan city.


Everyone from adventurous travelers who want to get out and explore to people who want to get away and relax will find their needs met here.


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