Kahloon Resturant

About the place: 

Musical seller of Faroz often carried the name cyanosis - a picturesque town utopian Lebanon. Peaceful town were townspeople dedicate their lives to growing edible trees and the fruits of their labor pleasure. The legend of the magical village atmosphere spread wings and came to Nazareth, where he opened a restaurant window inspired by the town its name, in front of the Church of the Annunciation Square in the spring.

The restaurant is located in an ancient building window last facelift, allowing visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of a village in the heart of the city. Houses the restaurant was built by the grandfather of the owner, who runs a window welcoming family atmosphere. Historical importance of the place hanging with TIMELINESS attractive to spend many, who enjoy the way into the restaurant and enjoy the pleasures of the Mediterranean.

Celebration of food and drink at a window based on a unique concept of serving dishes to the table - a burning grill where diners roast the pieces according to their tastes. The restaurant's menu includes grilled meats, fish, seafood and Mediterranean dishes delightful. Every day you can enjoy also controlled windows galore. To fully enjoy the warm hospitality of the restaurant window, you may want to get to dinner chef, which chef reasons sliced ​​in front of you on the table glorious knights.

The music playing in the background completes the experience - pop, rock and of course songs from the musical of Faroz. You expect at a window with live music, children's activities, water pipes and many other delightful surprises.


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