The Mount of Precipice

Mt. of Precipice, located in the entrance to the city (when coming from Afula), was identified in the Christian tradition as the mountain from which the Nazareth people were trying to push Jesus after he infuriated them with his sermon, declaring himself as the Messiah (Luke 4). The village people dragged Jesus to the mountain top, but in the last moment he has managed to jump off the mountain and disappeared. The mountain was sanctified in an ancient era, and in the 8th century, 8 of the 12 priests in Nazareth were living on this mountain. On the mountain’s western side there are still remains of the Byzantine convent.
The Jewish National Fund has performed some development works there and provided an organized parking lot on the mountain top, from where you can take a paved lane, accessible for wheel chairs as well, to the magnificent observation point on top of the mountain.
The sheer sloped mountain, 397 meters high, provides one of the best, most beautiful observation points over Israel Valley and its surrounding mountains: The Carmel Mountains, The Gilled Mountains and the Tabor Mountain. On the way back you can take a different path overlooking the views. This path (easy though inaccessible for wheel chairs) goes through a small stoned structure, used as the forester's house during the British Mandate times.
The mountain's official name is Mount Kdumim, due to a cave found on this mountain (Kdumim Cave) with findings from The Prehistoric times. The cave is closed to visitors today. Many legends were attributed to this cave by the pilgrims. One of them says that the cave was opened up as a hiding place for Virgin Mary, or for Jesus, as he was about to be pushed from the mountain top.
.A new road leading directly to the observation point is being paved these days

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