Claris Convent

Claris Convent

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In the center of the city, next to the main street (Paulus VI), was this convent located, surrounded with high walls.
The Claris nuns are serving the lord inside the convent's walls and most of them avoid the outside world.
The St. Clair nuns order has started its activity in Nazareth in 1884. During World War I, the nuns were deported to Malta and the convent was used as a prison for the German and Turkish captives. In 1968 The sisters moved to a close hill near Mary's fear church and the convent's yard provides a nice observation over the city. the old convent is now a center and a school for disapled children "Don Guanella" . also in a small part of the old convent live a small comunity of "Brothers of Jesus Caritas" where "Charles De Foucauld" lived from 1897 till 1900


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