Hidden Churches and Monasteries

Duration: About 1.5 hours
This is a charming walk of a steep decline in front of the view. The walk starts at the impressive, fortress like Salesian Church (Jesus the adolescent) on the top of the western Nabi Sa'in ridge. From there we take a sheer stairway, and go through several special churches and monasteries which are not part of the common tourist courses. The end of the walk would bring us to the Market and the city center. Recommended for the adventure lovers and the quaint walkers!
The Salesian Church
First we get to the Salesian Church by car, where you can park and take a look over the entire old city. After seeing the breathtaking view we would have a short visit in the church dedicated to Jesus the adolescent. The impressive church, with its unique architecture, was inspired by the French architecture, and its wonderful acoustics makes it an ideal place for concerts.
Close the school entrance, which belongs to the church, there's a long stairway taking us all the way down to the old city. We would take the stairway to a narrow passageway, where the first monetary is the Sisters of the Basilian Order's Convent, where nuns of Lebanese descent are living. This is a very small Lebanese convent, hiding in Nazareth old city.
The Mensa Christi Church
A little further down the street, there's an impressive building (which is usually close): This is the Mensa Christi Church (Jesus' Table). This church found its inspiration at the Mensa Christi Church located on the Kinnereth coast. Both churches claim they own a large stone table on which Jesus and his students used to dine. Its ancient paintings were recreated by the Venetian Preservation School. The keys to the church are in the hand of a woman who maintains the place and lives on the other side of the street. 
Normally people would knock on her door and ask for the keys, then live a symbolic donation when the visit is over. Next to the Mensa Christi there's the big Old Maronite Church which was built in the 18th century. The Maronite community in Nazareth is rather small and has about 1,000 people. A new Maronite Church was recently built, but the community continues maintaining the old one. Inside the church you can learn a bit about another religious part of Nazareth.
The Anglican Church
The end of the passageway arrives to a beautiful square, where we turn right to 6150 St. all the way to the Anglican Church – an English country church, another interesting building hidden between the old city's alleys. We take the Anglican Church stairs to 6167 St., leading to the Sisters of Nazareth Convent. The convent yard is beautiful, and the basement contains interesting archeological findings, dated back to the Second Temple times.
The Market 
Following the passageway we'd go through the market and then reach the impressive Basilica of Annunciation, which no visit to Nazareth is complete without. From there we go down to the noisy Paulus VI St. and get a cab back to where we parked the car.