Explore the Market

Duration: about an hour 
This walk goes through Nazareth's famous market and is suitable in case you have a very short time and wish to enjoy the Old City's atmosphere and walk through the varied market stores. 
The Old Market of Nazareth is one of the most fascinating markets in Israel. As part of the Y 2,000 preparations the whole city was renovated, and so was the market. Its special charm is in the fact this is not the common tourist Market as we know it. It definitely maintains a lively, active merchant atmosphere, attracting customers from the city and its surroundings. Need examples?
The traditional candy stores
The entrance to El Basharra St. (The Annunciation St.) has a famous large group of the traditional candy stores. This is the right place for you to enjoy the famous hot Nazareth kenafi.
If we go through the Market's main street, take a right at the end and then left, would take us to a small alley (6133) where you can still find craftsmen such as metal smiths for primus stove repairs.
Bride's Market
Later on, around what used to be the vegetables market, there are several smoking-bottle houses as well as the famous Nazareth Bride's market, where wedding outfits are being sold (not wedding dresses, though).
The Synagogue Church
The Nazareth Market also includes an important Christian site – The Synagogue Church. This is an old church from the Crusader-era times which, according to tradition, used to be the synagogue where Jesus used to pray. This church belongs to the Catholic-Greek community.