The White Mosque

Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday (Entrance is free, however not permitted during prayer time)

The White Mosque, one of the most ancient Mosques located in the city can be found in the Old Market. The name of the Mosque symbolizes purity, transparency and simplicity – the main messages of the mosque.

Other than being a worship place for the Muslim believers, it also runs educational and cultural activities. In the past it was used to administrate civilian matters, was a school and a court of law. It is worth mentioning the good relations the Mosque holds with the different Christian communities of the city. On Christian holidays, the Mosque is sends a delegation to represent it in the holiday events and the Imam is mentioning those holidays during the Friday sermon.

The first part of the Mosque was built in 1785 during the times of Acre governor, Pasha al-Jazzar, who ordered Sheikh Abdullah al-Fahoum to build the mosque as well as administrate all matters related to Nazareth residents and its surrounding. The Mosque was completed between the years 1804 – 1808. It was funded by Suleiman Pasha, the ruler of Egypt.

The White Mosque is a "Wakf Deri" – a family treasury managed and maintained by the Fahoum family.

Note: When visiting the Mosque please dress modestly and speak softly.



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