The Synagogue Church

In Arabic it is known as "Madrasset El-Massiach" (The Messiah Academy), the Synagogue Church is located in the heart of the Old Market, between the stores. There is a small courtyard leading to a special church with a sign above its crossbar: The Synagogue.                                                

The edifice has a unique structure; the floor is sunken around 1.5 meters underground, has an arched shape with benches along the walls, a podium and an altar. 

According to Christian tradition, the Church is built on top of the ruins of a synagogue where Jesus, studied and prayed. It is also the site where he carried his famous sermon on Saturday (Matthew 13, Mark 6, Luke 4), declaring himself as the Messiah to his Jewish village members. This sermon infuriated the worshippers who dragged him to Mount Precipice planning to push him off, but he jumped and disappeared. 

During Byzantine times, Christian believers started attending the place as a Church, and in Medieval times the synagogue was turned into a church and the Saturday Sermon story was ascribed to it. 

The Synagogue Church currently belongs to the Greek-Catholic community, after Daher al-Omar handed it over to them from the Franciscans.

Next to the historical Synagogue Church, a new church was built on 1887 (The New Synagogue Church). It is decorated with impressive wall paintings of Jesus as a baby, an adolescent and as a King.



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