Sisters of Nazareth

Opening hours: by appointment only, includes a symbolic donation

The Sisters of Nazareth Convent is a beautiful building located close to the Basilica of the Annunciation. Next to the convent, there is a school, church and an inn for pilgrims. Today the school functions as a Center for Blind and Deaf Children from the area.

The Sisters of Nazareth order was established by the Nuns who arrived in the city from France in 1855, who purchased several stores in the market and started to establish the convent.

During the building process, many archeological findings were discovered: A large hall with a big arch above it, catacombs, water pits, mosaics and an ancient church’s altar. The excavations were continued thanks to donations given by the pilgrims and were renewed between 1940 and 1963.

One assumption is that there is a Jewish burial site from the Second Temple times, and that later those graves became water pits and perhaps even residency rooms. It could also be that this burial site is much older than the Second Temple times.

Locals can tell of the big bed found in the place which was used by French leader Charles de Gaulle whenever he came for a visit. The bed is 2.30m long.


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