St. Margaret’s hotel

St. Margret’s hotel
oppening hours : sunday - monday 
tel: 04-6573507
The Inn offers Bed and Breakfast 
Established in 1874 by the missionary Hobbs and Known as “The Orphanage”, the building had an important humanitarian role in the lives of Nazareth Residents: up until World War I, the orphanage had over 400 female graduates who took part of the daily social life. During the Mandate times, it was turned into an elementary school and later to a Mentally Defected kids Institute.
Today it is used as a Pilgrims Inn named after St. Margaret and it belongs to the Anglican Church. The building and its area are surrounded with walls and have a monumental gate which used to have a watchtower on each side. The gate had a tall stairway leading to the main building. The building’s front has a balcony watching over the historic town center.


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