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Things To Do

Nazareth Village Nazareth Village is an open air museum that gives visitors the opportunity to step back in time to the 1st century and experience everyday life at the time of Jesus and Mary.The tour lasts for around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear Jesus’ parables, Engage with a working 1st century farm and feed the sheep...

Where to go

Hadeel Kanj Studio...
St. Margaret's was built in 1874, originally an English missionary convent and had an important humanitarian role for those living in Nazareth until the First World War....

Where to sleep

Daher Guest House Nazareth is located on the heart of Nazareth's Old City and offers a terrace and amazing views.The guesthouse is named after the owner’s great grandfather: Daher El – Omar, who ruled Palestine in the late 1700s and based on his life story!The guests can enjoy a historical accommodation with modern twists such...

What to eat

Diana's owner, Mahmoud Safadi Abu al-Dukhol started out in 1963 by selling shish kebab to the patrons of the Diana cinema where he worked as an usher. Soon after he opened a kiosk next to the cinema...
Al-Mukhtar sweets was founded by the Odeh family in 1968. It was initially a small shop in the center of Nazareth and instantly became popular with the locals. Due to the increased demand for their...

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