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Things To Do

Nazareth Village Nazareth Village is an open air museum that gives visitors the opportunity to step back in time to the 1st century and experience everyday life at the time of Jesus and Mary.The tour lasts for around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear Jesus’ parables, Engage with a working 1st century farm and feed the sheep...

Where to go

Opening Hours: by appointment only during the school yearThe Salesian Church is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Nazareth and is located on the highest hill on...
Café Abu Salem was opened in 1914 by Andros Abu Salem when he was 14 years old, and is the oldest café in Israel. Everything in the café has remained the same since its opening....

Where to sleep

Mensa Christi guesthouse is located down Al Naaba Street or "spring" because of the spring that once flowed next to the Church. The hotel was built and named after the Mensa Christi Church which it neighbors and has been renovated and expanded twice in 2014 and 2016 showcasing the different construction styles by period.The house is...

What to eat

Mishwar is located near Mary's Well Square and was opened nearly a decade ago by Nail Joubran. Mishwar serves a variety of dishes from around the world, including Spain to the United States and...
Kahloon restaurant is behind Mary's Well, allowing visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of a village in the heart of the city. The building which houses the restaurant was built by the grandfather of the...

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