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  • Prayers for Christmas holiday Orthodox conference
  • New Year prayers of the Orthodox community


Things To Do

Dewan al-Saraya - Abu Ashraf Dewan al-Saraya - Abu AshrafThe owner (abu Ashraf) is famous with his desert "katayef" - sweet pancakes folded with nuts and cinnamon or goat cheese then fried and doused with geranium syrup.The restaurant itself is like a museum! History all around you!for big groups please make sure to call him first

Where to go

The White Mosque, the most ancient mosques located in the Market, is an important cultural-religious center in the city. The name of the Mosque is symbolizing the purity,...
Quasr al-Mutran Greek Orthodox Church  The remains of this building are on a mountain top on the Southern-Eastern part of Nazareth. It was built in 1862 by a Russian...

Where to sleep

"Iftah ya simsim" is Arabic and means "open sesame". Simsim is situated inside the vegetable market in the heart of the Old City of Nazareth. Simsim's guests love sharing shopping, cooking, dining. The kitchen is well equipped, the common area is light-flooded, colourful, young and modern in one of the old...

What to eat

Cazanova restaurant is committed to serving fresh, healthy, and delicious traditional meals. the highlight of the restaurant meals are shish kebab , falafel shawarma, fish, hummus and special...
Kitaabon restaurant lies in the heart of the old city of Nazareth Authentic Arab restaurant serves Nazarene dishes, prepared meticulously with and updated and fresh twist, meat recipes and...

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